The Kurumayama-kogen Ski Resort

Featuring a total of eight ski slopes designed to suit all levels, from children just beginning to learn how to ski or snowboard to advanced skiers and snowboarders, the Kurumayama-kogen Ski Resort is made for everyone.
Mount Kurumayama boasts an average sunshine rate of 70% throughout the season and the view from the peak, at 1,925 meters elevation, takes in a wide 360-degree panorama.
On a clear day the mountain top commands a full view of magnificent mountains including Mount Fuji, the Southern, Central, and Northern Alps, as well as Yatsugatake.
Snowshoe trekking is also a popular activity at the ski resort.
Easily accessible from both Tokyo and Nagoya.

Trail Guide


Number of trails: 8  Number of quad lifts: 3 Number of pair lifts: 5
Slope grading: Beginners 40% Intermediate 40% Advanced 20%
Open from early December to the end of March

Family Trail
Maximum slope angle: 25 degrees Average slope angle: 12 degrees Slope length: 900m

The family trail is in our main ski area. As the name suggests, the flat and wide slope is perfect for the entire family, from small children to adults.
Sky Plaza, the rest house located at the foot of the trail, has a separate rest area for families with children.
Panorama Trail
Maximum slope angle: 27 degrees Average slope angle: 15 degrees Slope length: 2,000m

On sunny days, the top terminal offers a stunning view of Mount Fuji. Why not snap a shot at one of the many scenic photo spots on Mount Kurumayama? From the terminal, the 1,925-meter mountain peak is just a one-minute walk away. Stop by and enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view.

Sponge Bob Kids Park—Kids love it!

The largest children’s park in the area, Sponge Bob Kids Park features snow tubing, striders, sleighing, a snow hill, and more! The park offers many opportunities for children to play in the snow, even if they don’t ski or snowboard.

  Sponge Bob Kids Park entrance fee: 800 yen
・Entrance is free on weekdays. ・No entrance fee for children under age 3.
・No entrance fee for those who have a lift ticket other than a single ride lift ticket.

Hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

An expansive open field for snowshoe trekking lies behind the ski resort

Wearing snowshoes allows you to walk easily on the thick blanket of snow. Snowshoe trekking requires no special skills, so anyone can try it. You will be enchanted by the magnificent mountains covered in snow, the vast snowfield that stretches as far as the eye can see, and the clear, blue sky. Explore the snow-draped forests or try animal tracking.
Come and afford some time all to yourself in the vast natural setting of Kirigamine. We also offer snowshoe tours.
Please note that Kirigamine is a national park. When visiting, please remember to follow park rules and etiquette.

Lift Ticket Price

Type Elementary school children junior and senior high school students Seniors Adults
One-day Pass 2500 3500 3500 4000
Two-day Pass 4300 6100 6100 7000
Four-hour Pass 2100 3000 3000 3400
Observation Lift Tickets 1000 1600 1600 1600
Junior and senior high school students: Age 12 – 17 (Proof of age required)
Adults: Ages 18 – 49
Seniors: Ages 50 and older (Proof of age required)