Mount Kurumayama is the tallest peak of Mount Kirigamine, one of Japan’s 100 great mountains.

Located at roughly the center of Japan, the natural environment of Mount Kirigamine is characterized by its vast, scenic grasslands, gentle contours, and a rich diversity of plants. The Kirigamine grassland, maintained by the local people who have used it as pasture, is a semi-wild grassland that developed into its current form in close proximity to human activities. The combination of the grassland, three wetlands designated as natural treasures (Yashimagahara, Odoriba and Kurumayama) and a primeval woods have created an environment with a unique plant habitat, ecosystem and landscape in the Kirigamine area. The Kurumayama-kogen highland is part of Mount Kirigamine, which is inside the Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen Quasi-National Park.

Trekking Guide from Mount Kurumayama to Yashimagahara Wetland


On the trekking routes encompassing Kurumayama-kogen, Mount Kirigamine and the Yashimagahara Wetland, you can enjoy trekking and plant viewing, and experience the highlands and marshes, all on the same trail. Here are a few suggested routes.

Route 1: Trail through the Kurumayama grassland and wetland

Time needed: 95 minutes using the mountain lift; 2 hours of hiking.

The trekking route allows for ample exploration of the Kurumayama Wetland, a national natural treasure located on the north side of Mount Kurumayama, and the surrounding grassland. Seasonal highlights include Eastern skunk cabbage in early spring, Japanese azaleas in late June, and daylilies in late July. The colonies of Filipendula camtschatica which flourish at the end of July are a must-see. The route is perfect for snowshoe trekking in winter.

Route 2: Trail through Kurumayama Wetland and the primeval woods

Time needed: 3 hours 10 minutes using the mountain lift; 4 hours 15 minutes of hiking

The trail is the only route that takes you through the primeval woods, where you can observe the varying plant habitats. If you are passing through after the rain, be aware that the footing can be treacherous; the wetland area turns into creeks and paths within the woods can become slippery.

Route 3: Trail through Yashimagahara Wetland and the grassland

Time needed: 3 hours 45 minutes using the mountain lift; 4 hours 50 minutes of hiking

This is an ambitious route that features all the major scenic spots and lookouts of the Kirigamine highland, including Mount Chochomiyama, with its beautiful grassland of gentle slopes, Monomi-iwa Rock, the Yashimagahara Wetland, which is a natural treasure, and the former Misaya Shrine. Be careful of your footing during and after the rain.

Kurumayama Mountain Lift: A Ride with a splendid view

Take a 15 minute ride on two mountain lifts connected to each other and you will find yourself at the peak of Mount Kurumayama, where the breathtaking view of Japan’s finest mountains awaits you, from Yatsugatake Mountains and Mount Fuji to the Southern, Central, and Northern Alps. Enjoy the pleasant breeze and the gentle swaying of the lift as it carries you up, and before you know it, you are at the 1,925 meter mountaintop, taking in a 360-degree panoramic view of magnificent mountains. Riding the lift enables you to explore various routes. First-time hikers and families with seniors and children are also recommended to take the lift.

Kurumayama mountain lift ticket rates (Round trip to mountain-top):
●Adults 1,600 yen, School children 1,000 yen
●Young children 500 yen
※Adults: Middle high school students and up Young children: age 4 -6

Hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (For a round trip to the top of the mountain, the latest departure time is 4:00 p.m.)

●The operation may be suspended in the event of inclement weather.
●It takes two lift rides to get to the mountain top. (Two rides take a total of 15 minutes)
●You can choose to ride one lift only.
●Operating season: late April through early November