A highland resort that presents incredible natural beauty in each of the four seasons

In the center of the vast expanse of Kurumayama-kogen highland sits Mount Kurumayama, Mount Kirigamine’s tallest peak. The highland abounds with some 600 species of seasonal plants and flowers that adorn the grassland, including the glorious daylilies that sway in the summer breeze carrying the scent of green leaves in July.

Designated as one of the one hundred great mountains of Japan, Mount Kurumayama has also earned a reputation as a fun, laid-back mountain. Visitors can enjoy refreshing hiking in three seasons: spring, when the highland is bathed in warm, gentle sunlight; summer, when a riot of flowers bloom, all vying to look their best; and, autumn, when the terrain is enveloped in cool crisp air. Come winter, the glistening powder snow-blanketed field is perfect for such winter sports as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoe trekking.


Spring to Autumn season

Spring: Under a clear blue sky, bright red Japanese azaleas begin to blossom in June against the green backdrop of new leaves bursting forth in the vernal highland.

Summer: Hop on the observation lift or take a quick hike up the trail to reach the peak of Mount Kurumayama. You will be rewarded by a splendid view of the surrounding mountaintops Beautiful flowers flourishing all around, including the carpet of daylilies that bloom in July, are sure to brighten your day.

Autumn: With the mountain slopes and wetlands covered in red, orange, and yellow, this is a great season to enjoy a scenic drive through the blazing autumn foliage or a lovely hike to be embraced by the fresh autumn breeze.


Snow Season

In winter, the Kurumayama-kogen highland is covered by glistening powder snow. Blessed with sunny weather, the Kurumayama-kogen Ski Resort offers a wide variety of ski slopes to choose from, all of which are in great condition, as well as a host of ski lesson programs. On our snowshoe tours, visitors embark on exciting expeditions of the vast snowfields.


Directions to Kurumayama-kogen

From Tokyo and Nagoya, approximately two and one-half hours; from Osaka, approximately four and one-half hours.

By car: From Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, take the Chuo Expressway to Suwa I.C., exit onto the Venusline.

By train: Take a bus from Chino Station, JR Chuo Line.

Taking a taxi from JR Chino Station: The nearest railway station is JR Chino Station.
The trip from the station to Kurumayama-kogen by taxi takes about 40 minutes (Daytime fare: approximately 8,000 yen).
・Alpico Taxi (Chino) TEL0266-71-1181
・Nakayama Taxi (Chino) TEL0266-72-7181